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A free online search for offenders within their jurisdiction is provided by thirty-three states. Each state maintains its own independent web site web site for use by the public. Variations exist in the design of the site, the search criteria that can be used, and the information presented for public viewing. State laws may limit the information that is available to the public.

It is important to note that the website may not work properly with certain browsers. In fact, the web pages may partially load onto your computer screen, but integral parts may be missing. If you encounter this difficulty, you may want to consider using a computer at a public library to complete your searches. In some cases, you won’t be able to tell there is a problem because the missing information is minimal.

Some databases will contain information only on inmates who are currently incarcerated, paroled, or on probation within that state. Other sites also include inmates who are deceased, escaped, or no longer resident in the correctional system.

To acquire access to the database for inmates in the state of Virginia, use the following link:

This directs you to Virginia’s Department of Corrections web page for the inmate status information system. At the top of the page, several lines of text explain that the inmate locator only provides information on current inmates and that it is not a complete database. Additionally, the text within a gray text box explains that you will need the exact spelling of the inmate’s name or the Virginia Department of Corrections ID (DOC ID) number for the inmate in order to conduct a search using the site.

If you have the DOC number for the inmate, you may enter it on this page and select submit. If you do not have the inmate’s DOC number, but you have the inmate’s name, you may enter that information. Additionally, search boxes are available to include the inmate’s race and sex.

It is important to note that you do not need the middle name or initial to conduct the search. However, if you have it, you should include it for your search. However, the race and the sex of the inmate must be entered in order for search to occur. Once you have entered your data and selected to search, your results will be generated.

Unfortunately, if your search results in the identification of more than one inmate, no results will be presented for you to view. Instead, you will be required to contact the Classification and Records Unit of the Virginia Department of Corrections through e-mail. You must provide the following information with your request for information on the inmate: last name, first name, middle name or initial, approximate age or date of birth, and any known offenses. The following email address is provided:
If no results are discovered for your search, you will see the message that no record was found for the search criteria that was entered. It is suggested that you try your search again or send an email to:

If you are successful with your search for a particular inmate, the results to your search are presented in a grid like chart. The chart includes the following information: DOC inmate number, last name, first name, middle name or initial, race, sex, Virginia DOC location, and projected release date for the inmate.

The entry for the Virginia DOC location is a live link. If you click on this link, you will be directed to a page of information on the facility. The information includes a photograph of the facility. Additionally, directions are included from a major city in Virginia. A chart presents information on the opening of the facility, the average daily population, special population, special programs, site upgrades, and county location.

To the left of this information, live links are available that can provide additional information on other Virginia Department of Corrections’ facilities. Directly beneath this information, links to return to the homepage, offender search page, or resources are located.

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