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Online searches of criminal offenders and inmates are made possible by the Department of Corrections in thirty-three different states. The websites are provided to help ensure the safety of the general public. It is a free service that is provided by the government in each state that participates in the program.

Each participating state maintains its own website for offender or inmate searches. Therefore, variations exist including differences in the design of the website, the criterion required for the search, and the amount of information provided on the inmates. State laws mandate which information is available for public viewing. Most of the sites use some variation of the following details for the searches: inmate’s name, Id number, race, birth date, or age.

Some databases will contain information only on inmates who are currently incarcerated, paroled, or on probation within that state. Other sites also include inmates who are deceased, escaped, or no longer resident in the correctional system.

To access the Web page for the State of Tennessee Department of Corrections Felony Offender Information Lookup page use the following link:

This will direct you to the beginning page for the Offender Information Lookup page for Tennessee. Several lines of text at the top of the page explain that the State of Tennessee Department of Corrections Felony Offender Information site is intended for informational purposes and the accuracy of the information is not guaranteed. It states that the website is designed to help provide safety for the general public.

Three options are available for performing a search on offenders in the Tennessee Correctional system. The first option requires that the offender’s last name, first name, and race be entered into the search boxes. This option allows a single race to be selected for the search.

The second option requires the TOMIS ID number to be entered. This number is an eight digit number that is assigned to the offender by the Department of Correction that identifies the inmate in the Tennessee Offender Management Information System (TOMIS).

The third option requires the State Id number (SID) to be entered into the search box. The state ID number is a unique number that is generated by the state at the time when the offender’s fingerprints are verified.

Once you have entered the data, select the search button underneath the search boxes. In a few seconds, the results will appear. The results for each offender are presented in individual grid like charts. Directly above the charts, the name and race that you searched for are listed. Additionally, it will state how many results are being displayed along with the total number of results that have been found.

At the top of the charts, the name of the offender and any known aliases will be listed. If the inmate does not have any aliases, the space is left blank. The following data is included: TOMIS ID, birth date, race, sex, supervision status, location, sentence beginning, parole eligibility, parole hearing, hearing result, and sentence end. Each of the category labels is a live link that will provide definitions for the words if they are clicked.

For any offender for whom some of the data does not pertain, the category box in the grid will remain empty. The supervision status will list one of different terms including: absconded (failure to report), community corrections (alternative community based service), dead, escaped, furlough (temporary pass), inactive, incarcerated, out on bond, parole, pending, or probation.

No offender photographs are available on this website. At the bottom of the displayed grids, a button labeled “search again” and one labeled “more” are available. You may decide to continue your search or to begin a new one.

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