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Thirty-three states provide a free search for offenders within their jurisdiction web site for use by the public. Each state maintains its own independent web site. Variations exist in the design of the site, the search criteria, and the information presented for perusal. State laws determine some of this.

To acquire access to the database for inmates in the state of Oklahoma, use the following link:

This directs you to the Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation and Correction web page offender search page. On the left hand side of the page, several search boxes are available for completion. They include the following categories: last name, first name, county of commitment, residential county, zip code, status, next parole board hearing, number, and sort results by. Directly below the search boxes, two tabs are provided- one for search and one to reset the form.

On the right hand side of the page, an explanation for each of the search boxes exists. It is important to note that the first piece of advice suggests that you enter too little search criteria rather than too much.

Name searches will return results that include the name that you have entered in a longer version. For example, the name Green will also return results for names such as Greener, Greening, and Greens. However, if you sort the results by name, they will appear in alphabetical order, making the search results more convenient to view.

Eighty-eight counties are available for selection in either the county of commitment or the residential county search box. They are presented in a drop down menu bar for the user’s convenience. The status search allows four choices including: all, incarcerated, APA supervision, or violators at large.

If you enter the inmate’s number, it is important to note that you must include the letter prefix. Three options are available: A, W, and R. The W is always used for female inmates. Male inmates’ numbers include either the R or the A. As pertains to sorting the results, you may select either by name or by status.

Once you have entered your data and selected to search, your results will be generated. The results will appear in a chart that includes the following headings: photo, name, number, date of birth, status, and offenses. Photos are not available for any inmate who was released prior to 1998.

The inmate’s number is a live link. Clicking the link will lead the user to a new page of information that is more detailed. The information is presented in a chart that is labeled “Offender Detail Information.” You can click your browser’s back button to return to the search page when you are finished viewing the information. Additionally, you can click one of the following two choices presented above the chart: search page or results page.

At the top of the chart, the following information is presented: inmate number, date of birth, gender, race, admission date, institution, status, zip code, and residential county. Each of the words is a live link that will provide a definition of the word (except Date of birth, gender, and race). If available, a photograph of the offender is included in the right hand side of the chart.

Directly below this, if it is available, is a listing of any notices for the offender. Directly below the notices is a chart that lists the offender’s offense information including the charge, sentence date, counts, degree of the felony, and a link to obtain information on the victim.

Directly below is a chart that contains the sentencing information. The sentencing information includes the following: stated prison term, definite sentence, indefinite sentence minimum, indefinite sentence maximum, mandatory sentence, MDO (major drug offender), RVO (repeat violent offender), gun specification, expiration stated sentence, latest parole board hearing month, and the latest parole board hearing type/results. All but the last three of these are live links that will provide definitions or explanations of the terms when clicked.

A disclaimer is listed at the bottom of each page, asserting the possibility that some inaccuracy may exist and that anyone who uses the information contained within the website is solely liable for any inaccurate disclosures that are made using the information.

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