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Searching for inmates can now be accomplished online for many states for offenders within their jurisdiction. The participating states provide an independent website for use by the public where individuals may search for inmates using a partial name, a full name, a birth date, or incarceration number. The variations that exist in the design of the site, the search criteria, and the information presented for public viewing may be determined by state laws.

It is important to note that the website may not work properly with certain browsers. In fact, the web pages may partially load onto your computer screen, but integral parts may be missing. If you encounter this difficulty, you may want to consider using a computer at a public library to complete your searches. In some cases, you won’t be able to tell because the missing information is minimal.

Some databases of inmates will contain information only on inmates who are currently incarcerated, paroled, or on probation within that state. Other sites also include inmates who are deceased, escaped, released, or no longer resident in the correctional system.

To acquire access to the database for inmates in the state of Montana, use the following link:

This directs you to the Montana Department of Corrections offender webpage search. On the upper right hand corner, several links offer access to the following: instructions, search tips, and feedback. On the left hand side of the page, several additional links are available including: correctional status glossary, D.O.C. victim’s information, board of pardons and parole, sexual/violent offender registry, and the site’s disclaimer statement

On the right hand side of the page, several search criteria boxes are available. You may conduct your search solely with the Department of Corrections I.D. Number. This will return only one result for you.

Additionally, if you do not have the Department of Corrections I.D. Number, you can elect to fill in as many of the following criteria as possible to conduct your search: last name, first name, sex, date of birth, race, and active offender type. A minimum of one of these boxes must be completed to obtain search results. Below this, two options exist: search or reset.

Once you have entered your data and selected to search, your results will be generated. The results to your search are presented in a grid like chart that includes the offender’s full name, date of birth, and status. The inmate’s name is a live link that will generate additional information on the offender if it is clicked.

The information on the offender is presented in three sections labeled:
• physical and demographic characteristics/akas
• scars, marks, tattoos and other physical conditions
• legal record

The first section, physical and demographic characteristics/akas, includes the following information: date of birth, birthplace, ethnicity, marital status, dependents, citizenship, Montana resident status, height, weight, left or right handed, hair color, build, skin tone, and eye color. It also includes a list of all of the aliases, or akas, that the offender has used.

The second section, scars, marks, tattoos and other physical conditions, includes a list of any scars, tattoos, or marks that the offender has. This listing includes the location of each marking, as well as descriptions for each one.

The third section, legal record, includes the following information: docket number, county, judge, counts, legal type, sentence type, offense, code, offense date, sentence pronounced, sentence effective, and net sentence. This information is presented for each offense committed by the offender.

Beneath this information is an option to return to the homepage, labeled conweb home. This directs you back to the initial page for the offender search.

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