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Thirty-three states provide a free online search for offenders within their jurisdiction through a web site for use by the public. Each state maintains its own independent web site and incorporates variations in the design of the site, the search criteria, and the information presented for perusal. Individual state laws may determine the type of data that is available to the public on each inmate.

It is important to note that the website may not work properly with certain browsers. In fact, the web pages may partially load onto your computer screen, but integral parts may be missing. If you encounter this difficulty, you may want to consider using a computer at a public library to complete your searches. In particular, the Kentucky Department of Corrections web page may not work properly for AOL users.

Some databases will contain information only on inmates who are currently incarcerated, paroled, or on probation within that state. Other sites also include inmates who are deceased, escaped, or no longer resident in the correctional system. The Kentucky database may not have information on inmates that is more recent than 120 days.

Additionally, a disclaimer statement informs all users that the accuracy of the information within the database is not guaranteed. This disclaimer is present on the opening page of the Kentucky Department of Corrections Offender Online Lookup.

To acquire access to the database for inmates in the state of Kentucky, use the following link:

This directs you to the Kentucky Department of Corrections Offender Online Lookup, also referred to as KOOL. On the left hand side of the page, a menu containing the following categories is present: about us, newsroom, departments and divisions, institutions and facilities, probation and parole, office of victim services- VINE, inmate information, Kentucky Offender Online Lookup (KOOL), Kentucky correctional industries, and parole board.

In the center of the page, directly below the subheading “Kentucky Offender Online Lookup,” is the disclaimer statement. Directly below this is a link to enter the search system. Below all of this, a statement informs the user that information on the following: facility address, facility telephone number, tentative release dates, and parole eligibility dates can be obtained by calling the following phone number: 1-800-511-1670. This connects the user with the Victim Information and Notification Everyday Office.

The following is the link that directs you to the actual search page:

At the top of this page, you are advised to enter as little information as possible to get a match. Inaccurate information, such as misspelled words will not return any matches. Three search boxes are provided: last name, first name, and middle name. Additionally, you may elect to search aliases by clicking the small circle in front of the option. Directly under the search boxes, you are offered choices for displaying the results including default (inmate last name, first name), inmate SPN, inmate institution then inmate SPN, or inmate institution then inmate last name, first name.

You may also elect to conduct an advanced search. The data marked with an “*”in an advanced search must be entered in the following format: YYYYMMDD. If you elect to conduct an advanced search, you will need to enter as much of the following information as you can: inmate Id, last name, first name, middle name, institution, age, + or - years, race, gender, indictment #, county, *crime date, *conviction date, conviction county, and * institution start date.

The following search boxes have drop down menus for the convenience of the user: institution, age, + or - years, race, gender, county, and conviction county. Directly below the search boxes, you may select the manner in which you would like to view the results using the same choices as indicated above.

Once you have entered your data, select the button labeled “search,” located directly above the search boxes. If you receive no results, a message in bold will inform you of this. Simply click the reset selection and enter new data to begin a new search.

If your search did produce results, it will appear in the view that you selected in a small chart. The chart includes the following information: offender name, current institution, SPN/inmate ID, and offenses with counts. Each inmate will be listed with a numeral starting with the number 1. If you want to view more information on an inmate, you click on the number in front of his name.

Once you have entered your data and selected to search, your results will be generated.

The results to your search are presented in a grid like chart. At the top of the chart, the results will appear in a chart that includes the following headings:
Directly below this

A disclaimer is listed at the bottom of each page, asserting the possibility that some inaccuracy may exist and that anyone who uses the information contained within the website is solely liable for any inaccurate disclosures that are made using the information.

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