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Several states provide a free search for offenders within their jurisdiction through an independently maintained website. Variations exist in the design of the site, the search criteria, and the information presented for public viewing. State laws determine some of the information that is presented.

It is important to note that the website may not work properly with certain browsers. In fact, the web pages may partially load onto your computer screen, but integral parts may be missing. If you encounter this difficulty, you may want to consider using a computer at a public library to complete your searches. In some cases, you won’t be able to tell because the missing information is minimal. In particular, the Georgia Department of Corrections uses cookies on this website. If your browser is not set up to allow for cookies, then you will not be able to access the information.

Some databases will contain information only on inmates who are currently incarcerated, paroled, or on probation within that state. Other sites also include inmates who are deceased, escaped, released, or no longer resident in the correctional system. Georgia provides all of these.

To acquire access to the database for inmates in the state of Georgia, use the following link:

This directs you to the inmate query webpage for the Georgia Department of Corrections. In the center of the page, the disclaimer statement for the site is presented. To continue using the site, you must agree to the terms stated within the disclaimer by clicking a box containing the following test, “I agree to the terms as stated.” At the top of the statement, a link to obtain details on the type of cookies the site uses is available.

On the left hand side of the page, several links are available including inmate info, about GDC (Georgia Department of Corrections), divisions, reports, newsroom, and community info. Additionally, several other links are available under these categories: new in corrections and for corrections staff. Once you agree to the terms, you will be directed to a new page that includes the same heading and side topics.

Two basic search options are available: searching with the inmates GDC ID or case number or searching with the inmate’s name. The GDC ID is a unique number that is given to the inmate by the Georgia Department of Corrections. The case number is the numerical identifier given to the inmate’s offense. Therefore, it is possible that the inmate will have more than one case number. However, the inmate will only have one GDC ID.

Searching with one of these numbers will produce the quickest and most accurate results. Simply enter one or the other of the numbers and click next. Additionally, you must identify which number it is that you are entering.

However, if you do not have either one of these numbers, then you may search using the inmate’s name. It is important to note that name searches will produce results that include all variations of the names presented, as long as they contain the same letters.

The name search provides several search criteria boxes. They include the following categories: last name, first name, middle name, alias, gender, race, age, sentence status, primary offense, most recent institution, and conviction county. Each option includes a drop down menu for easy selection except names and age. A link to obtain help with this stage of the search is available on the lower left.

Once you have entered your data, select the button labeled next. You will then have to select between these two options: only offenders currently incarcerated or all offenders pasty and present. Make your selection and click next. Additionally, an option to start over is presented below this information.

Now, you will have to select from a drop down menu the number of records that will be presented per page. Make your selection and click next. Your results will be generated and presented in a grid like chart that includes the following headings: name, major offense, and institution. At the top of the chart, the number of pages for results is indicated. In front of each inmates name is a link to more information on the inmate.

This link provides detailed information. Photographs will be shown automatically for the inmates. Below their photographs, six sections are presented in a grid like chart. They include the following: physical description, scars, marks, and tattoos, incarceration details, known aliases, State of Georgia Current sentences, State of Georgia prior sentences, and State of Georgia incarceration history.

To return to the generated list of inmates matching your search criteria, you need to use your browser’s back button. At the top of each inmate’s individual page of data, an option is available to start the search over.

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